didnt know this is what I was in for when I joined flvs. That way everyone is happy, instead of both teachers and students dreading DBAs. Most of my teachers on FLVS have been fairly nice to say the least, but this particular teacher I could say otherwise. But, this helped so thank you a lot. That is what I do, and then she will probally just send you a link to her booking site, and then just bookmark it, or you will just have to text her what times work. I have gained some confidence with DBAs, but with those of you that havent, heres some tips: Study! He makes me even more nervous then I should be because he does that. [deleted] 2 yr. ago. She was a kind and good-natured human being. I have one at 11:20. Shaking, heart racing and looking over my notes wondering if what I have written will have even mattered on my DBA. Please, try to make a change. However, when I get on the phone, my voice is audibly shaky. If I get something wrong, she just says no thats wrong, and rarely explains the actual answer. My heart beat didnt beat as fast after my third time, and the teacher was really nice when I couldnt think of a name for a place! You can reach out to your teacher to reschedule your DBA. #FVHSClassof2023: 7 Steps to Help Seniors Prepare for Graduation Day! Eventually I calmed my self down. I am currently a senior and I have been taking FLVS classes since the start of my seventh grade year. Your email address will not be published. If a student struggles with a specific teacher or doesnt find him or her to be supportive, we encourage communication with the Principal/Instructional Leader so this can be addressed. Then later today I was thinking about my DBA tomorrow for chemistry, I bursts into tears again, freaking out telling myself that I cant over and over again. What am I supposed to write in the student box comment when doing the dba?? I still do not understand the purpose of the DBA , if we take a review/practice test before and after the module . If the point is to enforce the skills and make sure the students are understanding then there are better ways to accomplish this task. I rather write out my feelings than talk to someone about them. Practice positive thinking! I am scared my teacher will not be what I expected. Im 21 now, and I still believe that to this day. If you are having anxiety and this was a concern for you in traditional school, be sure to mention this to your teacher (or have your parent/guardian talk to them) to see what other options are possible. My very first DBA was in Algebra 2 as well!! Please, please come up with more alternatives than this, FLVS. Check out this post for some suggestions and video resources: http://blog.flvs.net/mastering-discussion-based-assessments-dbas. endobj If you are taking a foreign language on flvs do your teachers call you (for dbas) in that specific foreign language or do they ask the dba questions in English? part of the reason why i wanted to do school online was so i didnt have to speak to anyone. I can still stay calm and do everything the same as over the phone, but instead of my voice, they get my messages! . I decided to take online classes because my anxiety was interfering with my work in public school. Please do something about it FLVS. Im with all of you, I dread them and they make me very nervous and i put them off for days and im behind on graduating because i put them off so much! Hi Jonaira DBAs are a way for your instructor to assess your learning throughout the course. My teacher is sweet but my anxiety is just railing me over the edge. Im a super awkward person If I dont know you so thats my reason for asking. Getting Past the Fear of DBAs bySamantha Morris, This is a great article! I have literally laid in bed crying, stressing and being overwhelmed over the fact that I failed at something I prepared for. I know me too o have to take one for my HOPE class and im super awkward over the phone even with my parents. DBAs are a great opportunity to talk with your teacher and ask questions to make sure you really understanding the material. i really wish we were given a study guide because my teacher asks questions that are about things multiple modules ahead of what were actually learning. I like flvs because I can do my work on my own time, its just the dbas make me so nervous and the teachers are always putting pressure when I get an answer wrong as if theyre assuming something else. I really hope that something will be done about this. Um so I just wanted to know do we get graded off of DBA and could they drop your grade? I would highly recommend the live lesson format if its available but if not I would suggest telling your teachers about your anxiety and seeing if they offer an alternative (some classes/teachers will do it via a different format to make the student more comfortable) As far as I know texting is not an option (unfortunately) and Ive never known a teacher to do it via text but I hope they may start something similar to that soon. . I would also like to point out the teachers position on the calls (and I have even noticed it in the live lessons as well) the teachers can act overly superior. Take it in consideration. FLVS does providealternative optionslike live lesson formats (instead of the phone which strikes anxiety in a lot of students), so dont hesitate to reach out and ask about these options. I remember having to drop out of a class and get withdrawn from another because i would always try to avoid the DBAS. Are there any alternatives for DBAs for people with harsh medical conditions? Please let your teacher know if this is a recurring concern! I struggle talking to people especially teachers and I have a fear that the DBA is going to be very hard these tips help a lot. Distracted Driving Awareness Month: Check-in on Your Emotions Before You Drive. I complete all study guides and study very well yet they seem to always never ask what is in the study guide but rather their own almost like word question type of questions I hate it , we all hate it, take it out. I was proud of myself because I did a good job. Mrs. Ratto Virtual Smiles, My FLVS instructor is more then a teacher to me, she is a friend and someone I trust. Im so glad to know that Im not the only one struggling with this. Live session or phone, i dont understand why we have to do this. We can see how this would be frustrating! This isnt healthy and the anxiety it causes is close to unbearable. . So, I guess what Ive been trying to say all along now is that DBAs point blank suck, like dont get me wrong I understand why they are there and everything, but I feel that if they werent a thing I would be so much closer to finishing my classes. https://blog.flvs.net/5-tips-to-help-students-prepare-for-a-successful-dba/, Your email address will not be published. Ive been stressing over it all week and losing a ton of sleep over it. Are teachers able to excuse you from taking dbas? To get ready for a DBA, you can use any notes you have taken, your assignments, and lessons. (Hope this helps anyone) Hey! From personal experience, I dreaded all my DBAs and wished that there was an alternative. Biology Module 1 Module 1 Guided Notes and Study Guide Please complete these guided notes as you read each lesson in the module. Even if its a little awkward, they are willing to help you whenever you get stuck. Ok, so I am not smart. They work long hours and can never be certain if their students are cheating and they have many, many students. Hello??? Are teachers allowed to force a student to do a DBA? I hate talking on the phone even if it is to people I know and it really stresses me out. i understand the idea of DBAs but they dont do anything but cause tons of stress for students since most teachers treat them as an oral exam and take off points if you get the smallest thing wrong, for example on my anatomy DBA a couple weeks ago my teacher gave me a 70% since i got one question wrong even though she kept me on the phone for almost an hour and i got every other question right. She just wanted to see the students fail, that simple. If youre doing a DBA through Blackboard, do you need to notify your teacher in advance? Your teachers are there to help if you need them! Tips and Tricks for DBAs I did a dba yesterday and due to my anxiety even though I have pages of notes I wrote to prepare me the information leaves my brain when im put on the spot. Its natural to be a little nervous before any exam, so they understand! While the DBA experience may vary slightly between teachers, our forms of assessment are always under discussion and this provides valuable insight to share with our leadership team and the Instructional Leader for this course. studying the module will definitely help you feel better, if not by a little bit. What should I do if my miss my dba. Even though the other teachers were nice, its burned in my mind about all the negative things and what ifs, but knowing its not bad still helps little by little! I am free of DBAs, forever. Course Hero is not sponsored or endorsed by any college or university. I also have trouble asking for help, so take it from me saying I dont get this, Can you explain?, I just guessed, I struggled with this module will be beneficial in the long run. . I feel this way in Anatomy and Physiology, I am so nervous even after competing 2 dba after wards. Stay in the Know: April Student Activities & Events You Dont Want to Miss! Mine does too and it is harder to concentrate when there are outside noises. but the teachers treat it as a oral test. If they didnt do that is wouldnt be as scary. Explain what makes something a science. So theres been some posts about a student having anxiety because of DBAs and because of it they arent able to really do a DBA. Communication can go a long way! Before its too late, try doing something that calms you down. Your email address will not be published. Hi Destiny! Now, I should be done with all of my classes since its the summer, but here I am with two classes left still. No if it were video chat that would be even worse for me! All Rights Reserved. I feel like I dont know the material well at all, and I know Im going to be up all night the day before studying (the class is Honors World History). What questions are typically asked? Remember that your teacher is there to help. They should at give you a hint to the information you will need to know for the DBA, so you do not spend 4 hours burning into your memory information that is not in the DBA. I agree. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. I was not aware of the alternative option of a live lesson format for my DBAs. - The teachers were really nice and when I made a mistake, they would help me fix it. You got this! W>=/0{ BIOLOGY 1.01 - Fall 2019 Register Now Skull Analysis Virtual Lab Report.docx . Privacy Policy| Website Accessibility, Under Florida law, e-mail addresses are public records. Be sure to let your teachers know if youre struggling. For more information, please see our I am so with you! The disorder I have literally causes me to go mute in certain situations. Im the second oldest kid out of my 4 siblings, and Im the one that gets praised for my good grades and how smart I normally am. The questions the teachers ask are scripted anyway. DBAs literally make me cry. I do not know what it is, but we ought to stop it. I could hear my teacher get frustrated which got me rushing through papers and tearing up, he then told me that this was embarrassing and I had no clue of the topic; even though I did have a clue because I was answeing some of the answer quick if they were fresh in my brain. She had the sort of voice that evoked images of apple pie cooling on a window sill, and the questions that she asked were neither too difficult, nor too lenient if you got it wrong, she explained it to you, and you always left knowing that you both knew that youd learned what you needed to learn. My cousin had had a bad experience in the class (Spanish 1) and I thought it would be so hard. There have been multiple occasions where she didnt even answer my call when I called her. Fla. Stat. If I needed help, I would have set up a phone call myself. We can also help you get in touch with your Instructional Leader to share this feedback and ensure you are given options or alternative ways to communicate with your teacher for your DBA. This year, I took Latin 2, because I enjoyed the former so much. Try telling yourself that this DBA doesnt define your intelligence. After that first DBA, yes, I was still nervous about the next one, but after about three DBAs I began to look forward to talking with her. . With all due respect to the authorities of flvs, you should not agree to something if change is not going to take place. Im taking spanish 2 and I have a DBA today, in fact. All they do is get kids all nervous and they dread them every time they have to take one. Hope this helps! , When I enter a live lesson it says my chat permission is turned off. Sign up to receive email updates about FLVS news and announcements through our blog. If you get to a part where you feel you were just too unprepared, maybe something else came up, your notes arent working, or any other issue comes up, dont fear asking to reschedule. Learning a language is super hard for me, I end up with major headaches on some assignments and if this is the kind of stress that is going to be put on me through the whole class, I am nearly tempted to quit. Expert Help. A DBA is used so a teacher can make sure the student is doing eveything right and understands it! Even though there are practice test it just helps I guess! Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. By the way, most DBAs take around 10 20 minutes, depending on subject and teacher. Hi there! hi i m scehduling a dba through zoom could i just talk in the chat to my teacher? i feel that the teachers dont understand what we are going through and that is sad to me anyway gtg, I would just like to say DBAs are by far my least favorite part of FLVS. When I had to do my Chemistry dba I broke down in tears and I felt like all that I had learned, just drained straight out of my head. I struggle with social anxiety, and the DBAs have become a huge trigger for me. In one of my classes, which I struggle with a bit, I have gotten to where I am on the break of tears and can barely speak prior and during a DBA. I am the same way. No one is born smart, your hard work determines your intelligence on something! Also I completed my first assignment on may 27th, are they allowed to issue a grade before the first 14 days of working in the course? Hopefully you are now better prepared to tackle those pesky DBAs, and perhaps see them as a little less troublesome. DBAs do seem to cause a lot of anxiety for students, and do not seem as helpful as they may be harmful. Dont hesitate to let your teacher know about any health concerns and discuss possible accommodations or alternate formats for doing the DBA. 1.02 Review & Notes Sheet 1.03 Review & Notes Sheet 1.04 Possible Hypothesis for Properties of Water Lab 1.04 Activity Sheet - Properties of Water Lab Report Template Explain what can be considered science and how science is practiced, Identify what types of questions can be answered by science, Explain the difference between a law and theory, Identify that water is a compound common to living things, Recognize the importance of hydrogen bonding to the properties of water, Explain why many compounds dissolve in water, View I answered all the questions to best ability, so of them were personal ones about my family and my achievements? Now dont get me wrong, I understand why we have DBAs and I think they are very important, however, how they are gone about arent always the best. Scan this QR code to download the app now. Is it possible to do a DBA over messaging instead of having to video call or phone call a teacher? This is for anyone needs it now i take FLVS and my teacher asked me what Producers, Consumers, and Decomposers were as well as what carrying capacity was. After reading these comments, I no longer feel like I am the only one who dislikes DBAs. We recommend reaching out to your teacher to discuss your academic progress. Yes, that is how badly they have affected me. Stay tuned for more info! We should find a way to make it comfortable for everyone. german_arita . I have horrible social anxiety and phone calls scare me more than anything on this planet. My teacher tends to sigh a lot too and it also makes my confidence drain. I get really nervous over the phone and my brain shuts down completely. But also, when I was about to ask them a question, they suddenly said Okay go back and go through the module again, then call me back later. And I was so confused and said Okay but she already hung up, so now I am frustrated and I feel as though I am not smart enough to know these questions and answer them correctly. But other people are not, and that is why I am taking the time, now, to ask the powers that be to do something about this. Im sort of glad that Im not alone on this but is it possible for a teacher to refuse to give you an alternative? Last year, my AP human geography teacher gave me some general topics to look over for the call and NONE of them were asked on the call. If the student says yes the teacher and the student go over the subjects that the student needs help with. I personally get anxiety attacks when i am on a call, so i always complete my assignments first, and leave the DBAs till last. Im not a social person really, so thats part of the reason why I did it, and especially since Im supposed to begin high school soon and I just moved down here. If you have any questions or you get to the point when you are ready to complete a DBA, you can contact your teacher via email, text, or phone. This is your chance to share your feedback, ask questions, and talk to other students about discussion-based assessments. So can a Live lesson substitute a DBA or do we still have to take DBAs. All you simply do is agree. I read comments that had the same opinion as me and its nice to know that Im not just going insane. Flvs should have an alternative to being on the phone while texting the students questions about what they learned if they have anxiety over getting on the phone. Please discuss options like those listed in this post with your teacher. You typically need to complete assignments in order to move ahead and understand the material, but there is some flexibility! Not that anyone is reading this but you will do just fine on it!! Hi Makaio, DBAs are required but you can discuss alternatives with your teacher if needed. Hi there! Trust me when I say, you are not alone and many, many other students struggle with the same problem. It is obvious that students dread DBAs and nothing is being changed. Full Document, In their book Generalized Linear Models (New York: Chapman & Hall, 1983), the authors P. McCullagh and J.A. I know the teachers are there to help, and I know they want us to succeed. But then on the other hand, some of my teachers ask questions that arent even in my notes and they get mad at me if I tell them Im not sure about the question they asked. just have your notes and be prepared . Im not completely understanding as to why FLVS is still requiring DBAs, when there are HUNDREDS of comments saying kids struggle so badly with them. This is my second year doing online school at FLVS. That would mean quitting on my dream to become a vet since the university I am going to requires two years of a foreign language. I will NOT be doing FLVS next year DUE to DBAs. Hi Bella, be sure to reach out to your teacher! I can always reschedule and try again. uga undergraduate teaching assistant,
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